Monday, February 27, 2017


Medical StudentEstablished by SSVMS in 1989, the Adopt-A-School Program recruits and places physician volunteers in local elementary, middle, and high schools to educate students and staff on various healthcare issues, such as nutrition, exercise, hygiene, anatomy, and the dangers of smoking, drugs and alcohol.  Volunteers work with students to encourage informed choices that positively affect their well-being.

The Adopt-a-School Program is a novel and important experience for children who would not normally have the opportunity to meet a physician outside of an exam room. One student commented that "the biggest surprise to me was that I never thought that someone would spend so much time with us."

Physician volunteers also have many positive comments about their experience. One volunteer felt that the satisfaction in the classroom setting was immediate - "you feel the energy, gratitude and sense of accomplishment when you use creative techniques to impart knowledge of how to protect and promote good health."

For more information, contact the CSERF at (916) 453-0254,

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