Monday, June 25, 2018

Future of Medicine (formerly Adopt-a-School)

Medical StudentThe Future of Medicine offers several volunteer pathways for physicians interested in giving back to the community and impacting the future of medicine. The Future of Medicine is recruiting volunteers to volunteer through one of the outlined pathways listed below.

High-School Volunteer Pathway: SSVMS partners with volunteer physicians and Sacramento region high-schools in an endeavor to educate youth on health-related issues, empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices and interest students in pursuing a career in medicine. Volunteer opportunities in high-schools range from serving as a one-time guest speaker to acting as a classroom mentor. SSVMS coordinates the placement of volunteers, provides access to health-related teaching aids and mentoring guides.

Mentor to Medical Students Pathway: Physicians have the opportunity to volunteer and serve as mentors to medical students. Physicians mentors meet occasionally with medical students at SSVMS sponsored events to provide guidance to these students who are the future of medicine.

"I was inspired by the enthusiasm and interest of these young adults… who strengthened my belief that teaching and reaching out to our youth is the best preventive medicine available”- SSVMS Volunteer. 

Learn more about how you can volunteer and contribute to the Future of Medicine.

For more information, contact the CSERF at (916) 453-0254,

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